Thank god – I see a new (actually: old) path starting to manifest. Looks as if I were in the process of taking first steps towards manifesting what I had had in mind for my life from pretty early on (a.k.a. “the dream”). And of course it’s in the creative field (music, for now, but maybe not limited to that as I go on).

Being stuck isn’t exactly conducive to healing from C-PTSD’s outcomes (doh! 🙂 ). Feels great to be(come) more productive again – and with a distinct goal, too. I’ve always been sort of o.k. as long as I knew my place, where I came from and where I was headed (guess, that’s even a general paradigm most people operate from and not exclusively linked to C-PTSD or other health issue survivors).

Lady Luck has been very generous in how the first pieces come together and fall in place. May she be a constant side-kick to my – and your! – endeavours!

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2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Seems this site is not letting me post comments. I am praying relentlessly that this work out and be IT for you Wes. I’m down deep in my soul on this one and you know of what I speak.

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