Below named individual is accountable for its contents by appliccable laws:

Werner Nieke

Messerschmittstr. 6
86470 Thannhausen
wnieke at gmail dot com

Registered with
Collection Office of Starnberg, Germany
Tax-Ident Nr. DE 194228148

Place of jurisdiction: Starnberg

Bank Details:
Kreissparkasse München – Starnberg – Ebersberg
BLZ 70250150
Konto-Nr. 22652960
IBAN: DE53 7025 0150 0022 6529 60

The content originator of this site cannot be held liable for any incoming or outgoing content that may be connected to this page via hyperlinks or iFrames. I am exempt from such liability for the mere fact that I have no control over such incoming content. This is in particular true for content that tracks back or pings back to mine. By no means whatsoever does this imply that I have signed off on such external content! I also declare that I firmly set myself apart from any content that is hate speech, discriminates against race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, free speech or discriminates against anything that is commonly understood as the founding values of western civilizations. While I reserve the right to exercise free speech, I do not favor, support or campaign for any interest group or activity whose goals might be to attack the above mentioned set of values. If you don’t understand the contents of this paragraph or any of the above mentioned concepts, go away! It’s as easy as pressing the “back” button in your browser.

Any original content on here is me exercising my right of free speech. Whatever a reader makes of this content is generally up to them – I have no control over other people’s interpretations. With this being said, I will not accept any attempt of holding me liable for whatever it is I say on here – except only for the content I set myself apart from.

Copyrights and Intellectual property

I research and respect copyrights whereever they are made clear by the according holder of copyrights or licenses. If external content is marked proprietary and without a license that allows me to use it for the respective content here, I will refrain from using it. If on the other hand licensing is either not made clear or if a respective policy is missing, I understand the originator of external content to have issued it under a public domain license, thus making it available for cross-linking and embedding into content appearing here free of charge and via an implicit public license. If you disagree with this practice, I expect you to express your useage terms in this medium, i.e. the world wide web and in a language that can be read and understood by mere mortals and laymen. If you do not comply with this modus operandi, stay away from consumption of this content! Even better: Go back to birth and try again.

Media Penetration Analysis, Statistics

To my knowledge, comes with a built-in measuring service that aggregates site penetration, i.e. what sources users come from, what search results may have steered them here etc. I am not aware that collects any personal data, such as clear names, IP-addresses etc. If they do, I forward any liabilities to them, as I don’t have any control over the use of such measuring tools. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you are vulnerable to potential analysis, go away! It’s as easy as clicking the “back” button in your browser.

General Disclaimer

This site was created using utmost care and diligence. However, any errors you may find are also generally exempt from liability given the above terms of useage and consumption.


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