About Me

Me, w.n.I have been working in the IT industry for the past 25 years. Prior to that I made a living as a professional musician in my twens for a while, then went on to study English and German literature and graduated in German linguistics in 1998.

Music was my first love and the Macintosh could be called a “love at first sight”. I’m still working on a Mac, although I’m not strictly a Mac-centric or your stereotypical Mac fan boy any more. In addition to music, I find a lot of gratification in photography, the arts in general, and I’ve begun to read a bit more, lately. I maintain a few blogs on the web and I’m fascinated by the socializing aspect of what has become known as the Web 2.0. I can still get excited about technology in general and predominantly about the web and its technological building blocks.

In addition to keeping myself updated on latest technology, practicing my instruments, participating in web 2.0 communities and playing sports, I am thinking of expanding my writing ambition – which I previously made a living from – into the more artistic realm. I am also hoping to find time, budget and energy to get more into music again, but rather from a composer’s and producer’s perspective. I don’t like the stage that much.

As of late, I have found that the limitations of my chronic condition and the associated symptoms and challenges it brings about are something I’m better off with when building my days around it rather than vice versa. Quite a hard insight to deal with and I don’t feel this to be a real choice to begin with.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Ed! Thank you for the comment and the reblogging–I didn’t know there was such a thing as reblogging until now! I’m glad you connected with me and happy that I can say anything helpful. I stopped posting to my WP blog and have been posting to my Google blog–healingabusecausedcomplexptsd.blogspot.com. Please contact me.

    • Thanks for visiting me here, Jean. Only – I’m not Ed 😉 I found your other blog. Thanks for sharing that URL with me. I usually make it a practice to ask before reblogging, but assumed you’d be o.k. in this case, as the blog entry was public. If not, I’m willing to remove it immediately. Thx.

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