Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) — Healing The Spirit And Body –

via Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) — Healing The Spirit And Body –

It is becoming very evident to me that I have to undergo these sacred treatments using plant medicine, if I want to rid myself of yet-remaining, residual aspects of early and later trauma in my years of childhood and upbringing and with their outcomes wreaking havoc on my psyche – and hence life – to this day. I can almost put my own – cognitive – “fingers” on the places, where I’m still damaged and hurt – but can’t seem to get past those remainders all by myself. I had catalyzing experiences that came close to getting access to those very deeply rooted layers of inflicted pain and resulting damage, but I haven’t managed to resolve them – probably mostly for reasons of not having had an opportunity to integrate the experiences afterwards. By integrating I mean, talking it over with someone who carefully listens and takes an interest in seeing me process my emotions brought to the surface. Since I can’t have access to conventional trauma therapy, it seems the above – along with hopefully getting accepted into a phase III-study on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in late 2016/2017 – is my only option left. Wish me luck, if so inclined. (I know, I have written about this and said this before… 😉 )


Christian Moran Films • Ayahuasca Diary

Powerful! I had to nervously laugh at all the “purging” going on, but in the end I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy and happiness for the persons depicted, especially for Irene and Luis. Powerful stuff! I wish I could travel to Peru and have those ceremonies and treatments performend on me. I wouldn’t exactly look forward to all the vomiting and whatnot. But it seems to cure a lot of things Western medicine really has no clue as to how to heal. Definitely worth spending 2 hours of your lifetime on watching and educating yourself. Thanks to Chris for making this film and for Amber Lyon for sharing it.

Christian Moran Films • Ayahuasca Diary.