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I’m contemplating an Ayhuasca retreat in order to get to the root of my C-PTSD of 50+ years. Continue reading


Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) — Healing The Spirit And Body –

via Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) — Healing The Spirit And Body –

It is becoming very evident to me that I have to undergo these sacred treatments using plant medicine, if I want to rid myself of yet-remaining, residual aspects of early and later trauma in my years of childhood and upbringing and with their outcomes wreaking havoc on my psyche – and hence life – to this day. I can almost put my own – cognitive – “fingers” on the places, where I’m still damaged and hurt – but can’t seem to get past those remainders all by myself. I had catalyzing experiences that came close to getting access to those very deeply rooted layers of inflicted pain and resulting damage, but I haven’t managed to resolve them – probably mostly for reasons of not having had an opportunity to integrate the experiences afterwards. By integrating I mean, talking it over with someone who carefully listens and takes an interest in seeing me process my emotions brought to the surface. Since I can’t have access to conventional trauma therapy, it seems the above – along with hopefully getting accepted into a phase III-study on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in late 2016/2017 – is my only option left. Wish me luck, if so inclined. (I know, I have written about this and said this before… 😉 )

Watch: This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Drink Ayahuasca –

Watch: This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Drink Ayahuasca –

Eversince I had started to immerse myself in the research and potential options for help regarding (C-) PTSD, I had become increasingly convinced that the old beaten-up path of “cognitive reframing” was an ill-conceived concept to say the least. Where reflexes are at play, the neo-cortex takes a back seat. #Corroborated.

How Psychedelics Saved My Life «

Amber Lyon, renowned and multiple awards winning investigative journalist/reporter shares her story about what made her reconsider her career path and put her on a different trajector following traumatic experiences in her former work and having developed symptoms of PSTD from it.

How Psychedelics Saved My Life «

There might be a way!!!

Making myself a guinnea pig and researcher in one person. Why haven’t I thought of this earlier…?? If it all works out, I think I’ll join ranks with the activists pressing for unconventional treatment for affected individuals like myself and those of you with similar or the same conditions.

Also, see Ruby’s current blog entry on this.

Amber Lyon – Investigative Reporter turned Natural Health Researcher and Advocate

The following URL points to Amber Lyon’s public Facebook page. I’d like to bring this to my followers’ general attention as I find Amber’s new work focus relevant to our struggles and underlying conditions, be they C-/PTSD anxiety, depression or so called “mental” disorders of any kind. Interestingly, Amber Lyon is an award-winning, renowned investigative reporter turned natural health and alternative healing researcher and advocate. While she continues to do investigative reporting on select matters, her new career path seems to focus more on researching and reporting on natural/alternative healing knowledge as known and passed down among indigenous people of e.g. the Amazon. In particular, Amber’s more recent work revolves around the possibilities of natural medicines like Ayahuasca, a powerful brew from a variety of plants with hallucinogenous/psychedelic properties. Even the wording is problematic here, as it is a typical Western, materialistic one. The shamans of those indigenous peoples themselves rather refer to those “miracle drugs” as plant spirits, who teach shaman and patient about their ailments and communicate a healing trajectory back to the shaman, who then performs whatever healing advice is revealed to him on the patient.

If this sounds odd or spooky to you – I can’t blame you. Maybe it all makes better sense after having watched Christian Moran’s documentary Ayahuasca Diary he shot while participating in an Ayahuasca retreat. The short term results of the participants are nothing short of spectacular, including one person who arrived with prostate cancer and after returning home and getting diagnostics from his oncologist was pronounced cancer free. While I’m truly impressed by those results, the skeptic in me would like to see some long term reports as well, of course (including details on how patients possibly changed their lifestyles, diet etc.). But regardless of that, the movie is definitely worthwhile watching. Some warning as to graphic content. A lot of “purging” occurs and is being caught on tape. If you’re sensitive in that area, be warned that some scenes may not be suitable for you. Oh, and last, not least, find a podcast of Amber Lyon’s account of her own Ayahuasca experience.

Christian Moran Films • Ayahuasca Diary

Powerful! I had to nervously laugh at all the “purging” going on, but in the end I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy and happiness for the persons depicted, especially for Irene and Luis. Powerful stuff! I wish I could travel to Peru and have those ceremonies and treatments performend on me. I wouldn’t exactly look forward to all the vomiting and whatnot. But it seems to cure a lot of things Western medicine really has no clue as to how to heal. Definitely worth spending 2 hours of your lifetime on watching and educating yourself. Thanks to Chris for making this film and for Amber Lyon for sharing it.

Christian Moran Films • Ayahuasca Diary.

Manifesting the Mind: Footprints of the Shaman (2009) [Full Documentary] – YouTube

This was an eye-opener! It’s a lengthy piece, but very educating and hence worth taking the time to watch IMO. It confirmed my lingering semi-decision to largely turn my back on the Western medical system as far as treatment for C-PTSD is concerned. I particularly resent their latent “high ground” in the patient-doctor relationships, something I have come across numerous times and something that could trigger a near-psychotic response in me, if I had to experience that again. One of the so-called trauma experts I contacted per the (diagnosing) clinic’s recommendation started our preliminary telephone interview by insisting to learn, whether I had really not worked since 2008. WTF? Are you fucking kidding me? Shit like this keeps happening to me more often than not.

I am going to continue hypnotherapy sessions for as long as my most trusted and revered therapist friend is ready to see me. I’d like to run the idea past him that we introduce a focus on preparing me for the use of psychoactive substances. I’d love to volunteer as a lab rat, if such a program was available to me. Maybe I’ll ramp up my research in this field in order to enter this phase legally. While I understand that the effects of such drugs are largely psychological in nature, I’d still also hope for productive/healing (side-) effects concerning the physical symptoms, where hyperarousal and hypervigilance are the most debilitating and which I believe to be at the core of all other symptoms and so-called co-morbidities.

I also understand that there is a super-high risk involved for me in potentially “tipping over” for good, i.e. me suffering from a panic attack for several hours that might be so hard on the system that it either leaves me in a catatonic state afterwards or that I simply die from my system being stressed too hard. It is hence all the more important to make sure, I get prepared for something like this and that set and setting will feel as safe and calming as possible. Nonetheless – I’d much rather opt for this than for ECT, something I have been deliberating again as of late.

Manifesting the Mind: Footprints of the Shaman (2009) [Full Documentary] – YouTube.