Sense and Sensitivity | Psychology Today

They tear up at phone commercials. They brood for days over a gentle ribbing. They know what you’re feeling before you do. Their nerve cells are actually hyperreactive. Say hello to the Highly Sensitive Person

Source: Sense and Sensitivity | Psychology Today

Here’s another great article on understanding HSP’s “make”. As I’ve tested positive for many of the traits and characteristics that makes HSPs, I find it important and greatly supportive to read (and share) articles that will hopefully help the “other 80 percent” to make room inside themselves for understanding HSPs in general – and hopefully even more those they may have in their inner circle. (there’s actually a chance at least one out of five people close to you will be an HSP).

This one above is a bit of a longish read. There is a condensed version of it following this link. Whichever one you choose to familiarize yourself with, I truly hope it will give you some insight and ideally compassion with folks of our ilk and the many challenges we have to face and somehow manage in addition to everything everyone else is also dealing with.


Radikale Akzeptanz: Ich schaffe das! | ZEIT ONLINE (ZEIT Online article on Marsha Linehan and her Conception of CBT – trigger warning)

Eine Patientin hasst und verletzt sich selbst. Ihre unglaubliche Geschichte führt die Psychologie auf neue Wege. Wie die radikale Akzeptanz uns hilft, Krisen zu überwinden.

Source: Radikale Akzeptanz: Ich schaffe das! | ZEIT ONLINE

Again, this is an article which unfortunately appeared in a German newspaper publication. Maybe Google’s Translation bot can make good enough sense of it. It talks about Marsha Linehan and how she came up with the concept of radical acceptance as a starting point for change and personal transformation even after the most grave of human travesties. Trigger warning.

Mind-Body Connection: Free Resources

National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) offers free mind-body connection resources. Learn brain training for free and get other mind body connection resources.

Source: Mind-Body Connection: Free Resources

Somehow I happened across this resource, apparently from a newsletter subscription and I’d like to pass it around as I think it offers great (free) resources and seminars as to understanding and addressing symptoms in the aftermath of trauma, commonly referred to as post-traumatic stress (PTSD). I myself am not too convinced of prolonged exposure-approaches or those based on CBT/DBT, but as I saw Bessel van der Kolk on the team as well as Dr. Peter Levine as a contributor as well as Dr. Stephen Porges, whose work takes the focus more to the domain of the (autonomous) nervous system (which I think is where trauma responses “live”), I was becoming more interested and so far, I find the information valuable and useful for anyone dealing with PTSD (and/or complex PTSD).

Viewer’s discretion is advised as with all things “exposure”, there’s always a risk of getting triggered.

The Soothing Vagus: How Our Wandering Nerve Returns Us To Calm –

The Soothing Vagus: How Our Wandering Nerve Returns Us To Calm –

I think, this can be a true life saver for everyone suffering from (C-) PTSD, anxiety, depression. And it doesn’t require medication.

Tapping The Vein – LSD Psychology & The Structure Of The Unconscious – YouTube

via Tapping The Vein – LSD Psychology & The Structure Of The Unconscious – YouTube.

As it’s becoming more and more obvious that I’m very very unlikely to ever find help in the conventional medical/therapeutic system (for reasons too numerous to detail), I seem to turn to the unconventional and even illegal realm of medicinal treatment in order to get to continue to navigate this earth plane. Because my life got stripped of everything that should make life worthwhile to continue.

So, this “morning” over my usual coffee, I happened upon another interesting article on Amber Lyon’s and found the above linked young man, whose own project called “The True Light of Darkness” is the follow-up of a two-part book about his a) research into and b) sharing of experiences with psilocybin mushrooms and the insights and behavioral modifications gained from that. In the context of this work I came across this video, where he talks about “COEX Systems”, a term coined by Stanislav Grof in his book LSD: Doorway to the Numinous: The Groundbreaking Psychedelic Research into the Realm of the Human Unconscious. Right away it strongly resonated with my own somewhat jiggery introspection into the root cause of my own trauma and strife with ongoing emotional pain that won’t let up one bit so far (despite my very committed efforts and some help from a compassionate therapist).

There are more and more experienced and legitimate researchers and therapists coming out of the closet of conventional in-the-box-thinking in regards to so-called “mental” illness – a misnomer IMO – and their causes and how to address them. Just recently, I linked to a video with Dr. Gabor Maté, who clearly identifies trauma as the root cause of all kinds of addiction according to his experience with thousands of patients he has treated.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t seem to have other options left as to tap into the realm of psychedelics, most notably psilocybin, in order to continue my own path. Because frankly speaking, it’s come down to either this or …. in the very near future as the pain has become utterly unbearable and conventional options fall away one after another.