About the Late.Shift_v1

Pondering over a dinner I fixed for a friend and myself.

Pondering over a dinner I fixed for a friend and myself. Foto courtesy of Wolfram Winkler, see blogroll for his site

This blog is my platform for sharing random thoughts and reflections on my experiences as I go along in life. As human beings, we are said to be unique in our capability of reflecting upon our motifs and actions and that this feature sets us apart from all other living beings on the planet. While I believe this latter finding to be a tentative one, I do second that our brains evolved to that point, where we are able to look at ourselves from an “outside” perspective and evaluate our thoughts and actions.

In doing so, each and everyone of us finds themselves on a journey, which is genuinely individual – it never happened the exact same way before nor will it ever occur exactly like this again. Maybe that’s all there is to our existence on the planet: We come into being, we take the trip and make the most of it, and eventually we’ll fade away, making space for the next traveller…

Feel free to join me in my somewhat irregular-to become regular ponderings. As for me, I simply can’t help to reflect on what I’m going through and what’s happening around me. I hope, you’ll enjoy dipping into one or the other paragraph on this site.

December, 2008, Werner Nieke