Megalomanian Mission

Every time that a convenient degree of inebriation has kicked in with me, there’s this burgeoning, potentially overbearing – borderline megalomanian – idea on my mind. And it goes something like this: “I’m preparing to have your feathers ruffled all you wusses who had nothing else to worry about but finding that nipple – a.k.a. Mom’s seemingly infinite supply of feelgood “juice” – at times when you weren’t even able to hold your shit back, at times, when I had complete strangers sticking needles into my spine, shove a hose up my nose and down my belly, waking me at ungodly times to expose me to even more painful exploration. I’m gonna show you right, you pussies/pricks! I – MADE IT ANY-FUCKING-WAY!!!! And no: You won’t ever come at eyes’ level with me, you captains of wuss-dom!”

Of course… that only works when cheap booze is available… 3:) 😛

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2 thoughts on “Megalomanian Mission

  1. Your childhood torture was physical, mental, emotional with underlying “medical” motivation/justifications.
    Mine was the same but it was pedophilia rape by over a dozen teens and 20 somethings. They shoved things in me into every hole they could. Then they beat and kicked the shit out of me.
    I developed a “don’t fuck with me you cowards” attitude/demeanor but those boys overpowered me every time. They were big and I was skinny milktoast.i drank away the agony of those many years with gallons of booze – only I would only drink the best. Thought I better have some reward for all that hell. Now I’m paying for it all over again. I totally fucked over my health. So nothing good came of it for me except for tellinv my story.
    Is that all there is? Is that all there is my friend? Then let’s keep dancing, let’s drink up the booze and have a ball. If that’s all….thete is.

    • My agony pales in light of yours, my friend. Is that all there is? I have no idea. I would like to think that you and I have made the most with what we got. I would also like to think that it’s no earthly one’s place to judge any of if, before, whilst and after. If there happens to be a “super being” – and I seriously simply CAN’T think any such idea anymore – then I’m pretty sure he/she/it won’t jugde us as they KNEW beforehand what we’d be exposed to. Other than that: Yes. Let’s dance! Let’s pop another bottle of preferred poison while we can hold it and empty or “dissolve” its contents into our bodies, let’s try not to think of anything – now or ever – and make the most… with what we got at any given moment. I simply can’t think that there can be anything else. But I’m not preaching.

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