Counterproof for Life “After” Death?

Have you found one? If so, please kindly share. In the past 10 years there is exactly one single reason for not having taken my own life: That I can’t prove that I’ll find myself in a different and worse place after the fact/act. I can’t rule it out as there hasn’t been proof nor counterproof. But I am so utterly done. Done. Done. Done. I’m ready to go. I have been ready forever. There are people for exactly one reason: To hurt and maime you, to keep hurting and torturing you any fucking way they can. What a fucking mess this life is!

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2 thoughts on “Counterproof for Life “After” Death?

  1. I’m sorry. :(. I have no proof that we go to a better place (or worse). I do know that not all people are hurtful in life but I also known the good ones can be terribly hard to find. Take care. You’ve been through so much it seems a waste to end it all now. Xx

    • I’m past the point of suicide then, Grainne? Interesting idea. You could be right. It could have made sense earlier, but now there is so much emotional debris that I have probably desensitized my entire humanity…Might as well just ride it out so as to not have to experience a “bad awakening”… (in case things went on). Hm.

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