Rebecca Brachman: Could a drug prevent depression and PTSD? | TED Talk |

This… is HUGE!!!

(On a sidenote: I now know beyond a shred of doubt that I suffered derealization in the context of a throat surgery at age 4, which I remember as something like a near death experience [when it was actually just a case of derealization per this.] I have no idea and no way of finding out, whether Ketamine was actually used as anesthesia back in those days, but give the fact that the FDA only approved it as a legal substance in the 1970ies, I can safely derive that Ketamine was not at play at the time of my surgery at age 4 [which translates into 1969]. However, the experience of derealization in the context of this article is something I clearly remember. I think this may bear some significance when starting outpatient trauma treatment for the first time on Monday)

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