Mantra, Prayer – whatever you wanted to call it

I’m telling my almost 52-year-old, disabled, impoverished/bankrupt and halfway-into-jail self this: “You will have a good life (again?). There are people who appreciate you for who you are. God’s light shines on you, too – for the simple fact that He wanted you here. Opportunities will come. The major abuse from a country that will be known in all of human history til’ Kingdom Come for having killed six million Jews – people like you and me and for no other crime than being who they were – that abuse will wear off like a bad rash and it’s all going to be forgotten as if it had never happened (the abuse, not the genocide). And my child self replies: “I know. I’m worthy of love. I have value. Other people see and appreciate that value in me. They will love me back. No need to be afraid. It’s going to happen.”

A mantra en lieu of New Year’s resolutions. No?

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2 thoughts on “Mantra, Prayer – whatever you wanted to call it

  1. I have no words of wisdom or to console you. Your words – you are lovable, you have value, others see that value. I live by those because I have nothing left in my world to go on.

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