Earth Angel Simone

I met an earth angel tonight. Amidst all the low blows, major setbacks, soul crushing rejection and despair right to the point of currently being homeless, all the devastating things I was made to experience in the past eight years by and large – not solely, but in all the vital aspects and areas of life, though -, in less than an hour Simone restored hope in me. And a perspective. And specific modalities of how she is going to help me! If I was to monitor people’s karma balance, in my book she scored majorly tonight! Wow, Simone!!! Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “Earth Angel Simone

    • I wish I could cherish that relief with you, dear fellow traveller. Easy come, easy go. The very minute I start to give my own heart a moment of relief, I receive a letter from authorities that I’ll be fined 1,000,- for not registering accommodation. I don’t have a place to stay at the moment, so I CAN’T register (and even if I did, I’d have to get the written confirmation of the landlord, so couch surfing as is the norm in the US in that situation is FINED! Meaning jailtime in my case as I don’t have the money anmore). I’ve been spending many a day running around collecting rejections in the hundreds in more recent years. Someone in my situation is an unwanted person. And on top if, the authorities make it my fault now. My mind is blown to pieces… I had no idea of the breadth and depth of hatred and contempt in this world. Color me naive, but I really had no idea…

      I am going to pick a sub freezing January night. It’s been too much forever and WAY too much for the past 10+ years. I can’t do this, this … “life”. This world has too little kindness and too much brutality, violence, evil. I can’t do this any more. God knows I’ve put up a FIERCE fight. I hope I’m forgiven…

      • Thank you, Rex. Reading this and learning how others seem to come past the same or similar milesstones on this questionable journey reassures me in regards to knowing how all this is very real. (because most people keep trying to convince you that it was all “just in your mind”. Yes and no. But it lives in the body FIRST IMHO; at least with me that’s abundantly clear and that’s been my experience almost from day one on the planet)

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