The Countdown.

… has begun. All connections are obsolete. They actually never existed in the first place. All “musts” are done, but one. (the latter, I will take care of in the coming weeks). All possible avenus tried, tested – and lost. All passions experienced, lived and evaporated. All thoughts thought. All breath breathed. All fights fought. All forgivings accomplished. All aspirations aspired to. All love experienced. All gains gained, all losses lost. All living lived. All done.


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6 thoughts on “The Countdown.

    • I don’t know, Aj. I’ve always bounced back so far. But I don’t know. Adversity has always been my life, and I’ve been keeping to fighting and toughing it out. But… what for, I no longer have an answer to. Feels like all possible experiences are made, all sensations felt, all spirit spent.

      • @Aj: Frankly, I will need help from someone. I’ve burnt all resilience and other resources of self empowerment. Here’s to hoping I can find that help in light of a very confining/restricting material situation that has taken many options to act away from me…, including simply booking outpatient treatment, which my insurance wouldn’t cover and I don’t have other means left to pay myself.

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