Love Will Be the Death of Us — Dispatches from the Future — Medium

Notes on the end of my marriage.

Source: Love Will Be the Death of Us — Dispatches from the Future — Medium (Ian MacKenzie)

I had meant to revisit my apparent inability – or lack of willingness? – to commit to a romantic relationship and in doing so zeroing in one more time on the why’s and how’s of my own marriage’s ending. And then – I found this or should I say: It found me, quite miraculously. Not only touches Ian’s piece upon quite a number of moments in our own journey of committed relationship and ultimately marriage, it resonates with me for his willingness to find the good in something that slowly seems to become inevitable while the heart desperately tries to hang on to an attachment that is falling apart one piece after another. Sadly, though, I have not even attempted to forge a friendship or other form of somewhat more distant relationship with my ex, but pretty much drew the line after our divorce appointment at court. I guess, I had meant to elude the pain of realizing that we had not been the One, just like Katherine and Ian had to find in their difficult, painful, but at the same time utterly fascinating and brave, graceful journey.

For what it’s worth – I’m sharing this piece that has tugged at the most profound, rarely ever stirred heartstrings in me. And I bow to Ian for his courage of baring his soul as well as his phenomenal talent of putting words to feelings rarely visited, if ever.

(Post scriptum: Ian is quite an interesting man, I just find, with a number of very interesting, innovative projects going on. Check him out at

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