Inspiration Anyone?

This will be short and it’s a thought that just occurred to me after almost six weeks of having been bed-ridden, immobile, in pain, not knowing, whether I’ll walk on my own feet again (not to mention the 50 years prior to that that have been burdened with adversity the kind of which most people will never, ever even know first hand. And yes: I felt overwhelmed and wanted nothing more than to not wake up the next day. I’m still having trouble walking, let alone do other shit). If you find yourself in this place, maybe this will give you a bit of a boost: You’ve changed the world! It’s not anything to aspire to, you already have! How? Simply by … And breathing. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Anyone?

    • Just immersed in more adversity while continuing to find ways of getting access to specific help or enrolled in a clinical trial… 😉 So, unfortunately not gone anywhere from where I was last time, but…. pressing on as best as I can. Thanks for (re)connecting! 🙂

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