How To Stop Being Scared of Everything — Tim Lawrence

wesboundmusic_bg_image.pngI hope, I don’t sound overbearing when saying that I deem Tim to be one of the most brilliant minds amongst us, at least – one of – the most brilliant I’ve come across as of late. Brilliant, because he examines the obstacles and fallacies we habitually fall prey to with laser precision, but more importantly because he comes from a place of (self-) compassion instead of ideology or dogma, the latter often being the main tenants of some of the available literature in the genre of “self-help” (and I have trouble using that expression, because the label itself already feels like an unwarranted invasion by those using it, in this case: me… ). Anyway, without much further ado, below find Tim sharing his experiences with fear and how to a) live with it and b) get moving nonetheless. I value his approach, because I agree on his finding that acknowledging fear – and possibly other unpleasant feelings that “lock you down” – comes first. In doing so, you’re sending yourself a message of saying “It is o.k. for me to feel fear.” But see for yourself, if so inclined:

I’ve spent the vast majority of my life—34 years—scared shitless. While some fundamental shifts have occurred in how I handle fear over the past five years, I can’t tell you that I’ve beaten it. In fact, I’m scared right now.

Source and Attribuition: How To Stop Being Scared of Everything — Tim Lawrence

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