About Me — Tim Lawrence (Trigger Warning)

Yesterday, a Facebook friend shared one of Tim’s essays with me on her Facebook wall. It immediately and almost brutally resonated with me as I have found myself in that place of indifference from others very often – if not on a regular basis when meaning to share some of my own challenges outside of a clinical, therapeutic context. Today, I read another one of Tim’s incredibly accurate essays on some of the emotional challenges most likely anyone dealing with one or the other issue will have faced or experienced throughout their lives. In fact, the more openly I go about my own struggle, the greater number of people come out of their own particular closet of shame, being in denial or hiding something profound for whatever reason (I’d surmise the reason for those behaviours can be found in Tim’s essay “Everything doesn’t happen for a reason“, the blog entry by which I was introduced to his writing and work).

I will say, though, that Tim’s work leaves no room for denial, pretending or any other false “coping” behaviour. With surgical precision he cuts through the societally accepted, perpetuated and sometimes even therapeutically applied bullshit that we’ve been spoonfed forever in meaning to keep us “functional” while putting “healthy” second, third or – last. In exposing his own wounds with laser like accuracy, he most likely takes you on a path of confronting your own blind spots and dark places. In other words: There might not necessarily be less pain. But maybe – and hopefully so – some peace. I know for an empirical fact from having been on this planet and having lived this crazy experience for almost 51 years that today peace of mind, heart, soul is the one preeminent experience I crave the most. Give me peace – and I’m likely to give you everything in return for it.

Read at your own discretion and best judgement: About Me — Tim Lawrence

P.S. On a second breath and note, I think I’m arriving at the conclusion that deprivation of (natural) grief – from loss of some kind when dealing with whatever emotional and/or physical challenge from life- and identity-altering events, experiences and/or illnesses – is the common denominator of many, if not all “mental health” or other personal issues and diseases, the dot that connects them all in some way. I seem to find more and more evidence that our societies offer less and less space and healthy opportunity to just be human any more… No wonder, mental health issues are on the rise…

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