How To Heal Emotional Trauma –

I just found this article on healing emotional wounds, including those left behind by traumatic experiences. It makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe I should add that it makes a lot of sense to me now that I seem to have remembered – and hopefully accepted for good – that it is upon me to undo the damage incurred from other people (who may have had damage done to themselves, too, without being aware of it). Be that as it may: Here’s an angle to empower yourself and escape the catch 22 of needing something that never came and is unlikely to come at this point in life prior to healing. After a little bit of recovery, anything is possible again and you’ll find arriving “on par” with those who were more fortunate of not having to experience trauma. I’m sharing this on the intent of creating hope and an actual solution – for myself and inclined visitors. Be see for yourselves:

When we develop and feed wounds with our attention over the course of years, we begin to identify with the wound, or, better said, we create an identity around the wounded-self. So, now we are not just releasing a wound, we are letting go of our identity. The thing is, you are not and can never be a wounded identity. This is a false belief and a false identity. In order to heal, it is important that you begin to release the identification with the wound, and that you begin to see yourself as whole — not the wounded self, but the whole self. Who are you without this wound? This is who you really are, and this is who you must become again.

Source: How To Heal Emotional Trauma –

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