Latest From Trauma’s Labyrinth (Laura K. Kerr, PhD)

Source: Latest From Trauma’s Labyrinth

And I find this video to fit the above linked text’s content and message:

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3 thoughts on “Latest From Trauma’s Labyrinth (Laura K. Kerr, PhD)

  1. As one who experienced heinous sexual abuse as a child (not from family members), I really appreciate the ideology you presented regarding the lasting effects of PTSD. I’ve been working with a therapist where I get my medical care in San Francisco and a lot of the ideas regarding the stress of trauma and how it affects life behavior is being used by my therapist. I am finally able to relive those events and realize they no longer have any power over me or my life and how I continue to live it. Thank you. Rex Bishop

  2. Wes: I am so glad you posted this information from Dr. Kerr. Her insights regarding early life traumas and how it affects us living a fullfilling life are truly inspiring because I can now understand so much of my life behaviors, whereas before, I had no idea what was causing me to feel so unfullfilled/satisfied/shameful – totally unable to LIVE!

    • Yes, I find her insights profound, too, Rex, but more importantly: Warm-hearted and coming from a place of compassion

      I can’t afford a therapist, unfortunately, so I live – and heal – on what is available to me. Mrs. Kerr’s blog is one of the really savvy ones. I’m glad you find the information useful. (As I do)

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