Athene’s Theory of Everything – Waking Times (Moderate to strong trigger warning, depending on your belief system of life, death, afterlife etc.)

Athene’s Theory of Everything – Waking Times : Waking Times.

Stuff for braniacs and “spiritual” people alike: Psychologically pretty unsettling and fascinating in equal parts. (this sentence only makes sense after you’ve watched this one and processed the information in terms of its implication on your sense of self or the concepts and quality of your perceived reality). In terms of practical applications and meaning it has for me, it seems to confirm the idea that forgiveness – which in my understanding actually spells “detachment” from past events – is a catalyst to arriving in the now. Speaking of the now: If I was able to understand the main findings shared in this one, I take it that there is nothing else than the “now”. Every conscious moment is an experience of now, where the former immediately cancels out the past and the future. In this sense, “life”, the universe and the self are “eternal”. In other words: There never was, can be or will anything else but a sequence of moments of now. Time is just a facilitating property that supports the illusion of continuity …. I think, when you look at the information presented here hard enough, one must arrive at the conclusion that questions like “Why are we here?” or “Is there meaning to all this?” are actually mute ones to ask to begin with…. Pretty unsettling, yes. But fascinating, too, isn’t it?

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