I’m truly tired. Exhausted. To the point where I am constantly pissed at myself, at everyone. I’m so tired of running away, tired of the reprimand I keep experiencing for things that have always been outside of my control. I’m so tired of the humiliation in addition to the pain. Tired of the “well intended” advice that’s just a paraphrase for narcissism and complacency on their part.

I’m tired of people, tired of myself. Tired of life, tired of fighting and never getting anywhere. I’m tired. And raging mad at the same time…

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8 thoughts on “Tired.

  1. It’s pretty easy in this world because of how “they” have f’d it up to get exhausted and for me – subtle rage. I’m not sure if it will ever get better but I know one thing for sure: I gotta maintain some discipline to come to self awareness. I think I have a handle of the concepts and have felt over and over a knowing that my body is a projection into this spacial dimension dependent upon my own consciousness.

    • Same here, Rex – and the rage becomes less and less subtle for me… (which is a scary process to watch… – must remember controlling my impulses as much as possible). As to your last sentence: Wow, quite the insight! Sounds plausible to me!

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