In 6 Years, MDMA Could Be A Legal Pharmaceutical For Therapy –

In 6 Years, MDMA Could Be A Legal Pharmaceutical For Therapy –

That is great news for patients living in the U.S. Since I am located in Germany, Europa, and since MAPS-affiliated doctors/psychiatrists have discontinued research projects on MDMA, LSD and other psychedelics in the late 90ies around our parts, I have to find a way to go there. I have been accepted into a wait list for a small phase II clinical trial in Boulder, CO, some time in late 2016 or 2017. I hope I can raise the funds to go there until then. I’m in the process of setting up a campaign, which I’ll publish once I’m done with the campaign story and video. As my life has become incredibly difficult to maneuver since becoming disabled in 2008 and as there is a permanent need to communicate with different authorities and institutions on behalf of my disability status – which comes at considerable emotional expense, e.g. anxiety attacks – I can’t follow up on setting up the campaign as quickly as I’d wish it to go live. But I’ll stay on it and will announce it here once the campaign is live.

On a different note: The results on MDMA-assisted therapy that MAPS were able to produce so far are nothing short of miraculous. I very much hope I can make it all happen for me: The funding, the itinerary, the treatment and – a potential complete recovery after 50 years of having lived with this debilitating condition!

P.S. I am doing this – i.e. participating in research – not only on my own behalf, but in hopes of helping to create some awareness for the condition and advocate on its outcomes seeing as so many veterans of war, humanitarian workers and even servicemen in the police force or fire fighters develop PTSD over the course of their careers. With war having become an official ongoing tool of the geopolitical process and the powers that be, I’m afraid we’re going to see a lot more of this in the near future. So suitable treatments had better been implemented sooner than later in order to avoid an increasingly negative impact on society at large.


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