Blue Morpho Foundation

Here’s something else – and totally new! – I’d like to bring to all your individual and our collective attention: The Blue Morpho Foundation.

Hamilton Souther has spent 12 years in the Amazon rain forest, learning ancient techniques of shamanic healing and eventually gradudated from an apprentice to a Master. Masters are said to have acquired the knowledge and experience to know any plant in the local ecosphere ever needed to treat and deal with any situation a person seeking help might ever present them with.

Hamilton comes from a strictly Western, “left brain”/analytical/sceptical background, but delved as deeply as he could into the plant wisdom of the Amazon rain forest. Today he blends ancient wisdom handed down over hundreds of years from generation to generation and the opportunities of instant access with each other that modern day technology provides: The internet. An experimental novel approach at first, Hamilton and the Blue Morpho Way have already come some way considering the fairly short amount of time they have been live on the web: Some 15,000 clients have participated in Blue Morpho Way online sessions and report outstanding progress in their personal quests of healing and/or spiritual enlightenment.

As of late, Blue Morpho Foundation (BMF) are registered as a 501(c) (3) charity, meaning to say that your kind donations are tax deductible.

Can western science and spirituality coexist? And in addition to that: Can we reap the harvest of both simultaneously to max out on the individual and collective benefits?

Find out for yourself at


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