Timeline Photos – Michele Rosenthal

Timeline Photos – Michele Rosenthal.

“The isolation of PTSD can lead to intense loneliness. How do you cope with and reduce that feeling?”

I oscillate between “it’s killing me” and “y’all leave me the f… alone”. There is hardly any middle ground at any time. Realistically speaking and from my experience, extreme experiences like this make you lonely for real. Because we hardly get to share and vent. Noone understands (unless in a group setting, but that can be depressing as hell…)

Other than that: Lots of time in nature and – unfortunately – booze at times. Sorry to say. About to replace that with weed. That’s not gonna make me any less lonely, but it’s a different, healthier kind of drowning out the extreme pain. Talking to other people with issues has proven to be a very bad idea. They project their own shit and feel entitled to give advice. No. Just listen, the fuck!


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