Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Trauma, Quit An Addiction — Maybe Even Revisit Past Lives – Reset.me

Amazing. After a longer hiatus of not seeing my trusted hypnotherapist (friend) for reasons of feeling stuck in the process, I visited his office today – we had arranged for this follow-up appointment a few weeks ago. And we eventually went to a very traumatizing experience of mine that happened at age four and which I believe to have actually set in stone a certain predisposition resulting from distressing painful events in my infancy and thus bringing about a textbook-like, fully expressed post-traumatic stress disorder. I do have detailed memory of that situation back then, so we worked on that today and “rewrote” that experience in such a way that my child self could feel safe and at comparable ease over the entire time. We also introduced an “anchor” which I could safely employ at any time should any feelings of distress or anxiety as brought on by flashbacks return.

My therapist friend let me know that the process might take some time to fully take root and reminded me to work with the imagery employed today.

Upon coming home, getting a snack and napping for a few, I get on the web and find this:

EEG Bands of brainwaves

image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroencephalography (found at Comparison of EEG Bands | http://goo.gl/d9C69l | )

Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Trauma, Quit An Addiction — Maybe Even Revisit Past Lives – Reset.me.

The article explains some of the science behind hypnosis in general and how different levels of trances as induced during a (clinical, medical) hypnosis clearly show in EEGs and brain activity What’s interesting about this is that those brain waves are distinct from sleep as in: Sleep looks different in EEGs. Next to completely trusting my doctor and his abilities, I take that as an additional encouraging note. As a first feedback and observation from this, I clearly noticed a certain kind of peace and much less apprehension as usual over the entire rest of the day – which became even more evident when napping earlier this evening. Usually, I’m always anxious as to someone walking around upstairs, which often is the precursor to an anxiety attack and sometimes a fully expressed fight-flight-freeze reflex with all the physical manifestations of discomfort. Not so today – or at the very least at a much lower, easier to bear level. I knew my neighbours were in and I nonetheless managed to relax enough to actually dose off a bit, something I usually can’t do at all when knowing they’re at home and haven’t gone to bed.

Is it possible I am now actually overcoming the outcomes of no less than 50 years of having lived with post-traumatic stress? The prospect sure is enticing (if not life-saving)!! Check out the above linked article, if interested in the procedure.


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