Treating PTSD with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy – News

I found this fairly comprehensive list of articles on the status of all things MDMA-/psychedelics-assisted therapy with particular regard to treating PTSD. In my quest for further healing, I am going to try and apply for participation in such a study if at all possible for non-residents. It’s a kind of “last chance”-scenario I’m placing my hopes on. I’m going to place my first phone call inquiring about my possible eligibility today. To say that I’m scared shitless about the potential outcome of that call – either way – would be an understatement…. But we do what we have to in order to survive, right?

Treating PTSD with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy – News.


4 thoughts on “Treating PTSD with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy – News

  1. Agreed! Took my first and only, to date, Ayahuasca journey one year ago. I am a better person for it. I don´t evangelize because I believe if you are supposed to do it, you will but I put the word out there. Nice article.

    • Thanks for chiming in, Ryan. That’d be the other “last hope”: A trip to an Ayahuasca retreat, although personally, I’d much prefer a clinical setting for fear of complications and seeing those potential complications addressed quicker in a clinical setting. To reiterate something that Amber Lyon said when remembering her own Ayahuasca experience – which turned out to be a game and career changer for her: “Has anyone ever died from Ayahuasca? I can’t call 911 in the jungle.” That’s so me! For this reason, I’d be a lot more comfortable as a participant in a clinical study – if that can be an option for me in the first place, seeing as I don’t live in the U.S. or Canada.

      I understand the “not evangelizing” part. Usually, I don’t impose anything on other people, either. In this case, though, and if I’d find relief from one of those special, new approaches, I probably couldn’t help shouting it from the roof top… :/

      • Well I have the “ahem” luxury of living in Brazil. So I am not out of my element. Plus, it was a one nighter only few hours from my city. I was able to drive there, participate in the ceremony, sleep it off for a little and go to my in-laws house in São Paulo!

        I so understand your apprehensions for doing a “jungle retreat” Even the a fore mentioned Amber Lions mentioned on Joe Rogan´s podcast that she felt some shadiness from one of the ayahuaqueiros. Even you ever want to pick my brain or learn about where I did this feel free to contact me. I am an open book about this. Thanks to Joe Rogan talking about it, I got into it. I feel I should pay it forward!

        My contact info is on my blog. Cheers, man and happy travels!!!!

  2. Pretty cool “ahem” aspect right there, Ryan! 🙂 I think that particular guy that Amber mentioned on Joe Rogan’s podcast – one of which I also watched, although not sure, whether it was the same episode – is no longer with us. There were repeated allegations of sexual assault on his part and apparently, someone literally pushed him over the cliff of his apartment’s balcony railing. The fall proved fatal from what I was able to find out, that is IF Amber had indeed referred to this guy. (Peter something, last name escapes me).

    It’s not only for concerns of being taken advantage of in one way or another, but right now I simply can’t afford to travel to the Amazon rainforest or Brazil as the symptoms had me disabled in 2008 and I’ve been depending on dire “means” eversince (life savings depleted, naturally). I’d have to look for something closer by, but even in that case: What if I, say, have an allergic reaction to the plant? That could prove to be a one way trip. On the other hand, I might become desperate enough to just take chances… I just need to get better, symptomwise. Living with night terrors, panic attacks, hypervigilance and hyperarousal and whatnot for nearly 50 years has me seriously wonder, why I haven’t collapsed from a heart attack yet. Chances are that might be the exact scenario lurking somewhere if my system stays in survival mode all the time…. But – I gotta tell myself to look at the bright side: Finally, there really is hope! (Which I had given up on not too long ago). Oh and: Whenever I decide to actually take the plunge and find me an Ayahuasca retreat, I might have to take you up on your kind offer of picking your brain! 🙂 Obrigado in advance 🙂

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