On Grief – Michele Rosenthal

Amen to that!

Timeline Photos – Michele Rosenthal.


5 thoughts on “On Grief – Michele Rosenthal

  1. This essay makes me think of you, friend, the power and beauty underlying your emotions, the intuitive sensitivity which can be transformational when trusted to show you bullshit that people will use to make themselves stronger and you weaker… I am somehow now being able to walk among them, LOL (Body Snatchers film reference) without absorbing the stigma or judgements which often triggered what I thoght were PTSD reenactments from the past. What i came to realize, for me, is that these reactions and responses are my body’s signals of threat, now. So something real is reacting with my body nervous/defense systems…someone is lying to me, for instance or lying to themeelves in front of me, or someone is being harmed and i am picking up on their fear, etc. Once I started recognizing and understawnding what was happening the things i thought were broken parts or liabilities became sources of power. Like sending out a silent “Don’t fuck with me” signal…because their is nothing there for a predator to feed on, no humiliation, no self loathing, etc. They cannot feed off real feelings of humility, powerlessness, grief, sadness, etc instead they need to feed off any appearances or b.s. that i may try to use to hide my feelings. As long as Im emotionally real and transparent, it is like being invisible to the would be o9ffenders. It is so counter intuitive, it is powerful. Anyway, maybe you can see a bit of yourself in this essay and see a passage way through in a different light…

    It showed me a lot about myself, and I wanted to share some radical possibllities for different sorts of power…
    It speaks to understanding the power of honesty and authentic affect vs appearance management and social compliance. If not your cuppa, maybe another’s…. 🙂

    • That’s a very powerful insight, Ruby – and it resonates strongly with what I’ve probably come to realize some time ago, albeit not fully consciously just then. But the fact that I suddenly didn’t want to continue longstanding acquaintances and even friendships due to the no-longer tolerable vibe coming from them must have had something to do with what you’re so brilliantly describing – I guess. An inner voice seemed to remind me of staying true and authentic time and time again, an inner drive for said authenticity set in – and from applying all this, all of a sudden some relationships became unsustainable all of a sudden. I guess, it must have been the “shift from powerless to powerful” that Michele Rosenthal describes in her teleseminar which I’ve linked to in another post.

      Well, to put it in a nutshell: Certainly my cuppa, absolutely so! 😉 Thx for sharing this insight (thus corroborating something I had tentatively found and increasingly tried to apply in my interactions and general behavior. It feels a bit like a complete change of wardrobe and style – takes myself and certainly others some getting used to… 😉 – but I think, it can also be an exciting and even fun process – just like meeting someone new for the first time. And I think, in very real terms that’s exactly what’s going on: We’re meeting our true self probably for the fist time! Whoa!!! 😉 ) Thx again 😀

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