A Word on Stigma (once more)

What do you think: How many times can a person take a personal message that reads, feels and percolates “YOU STINK!”? What you do think? One time, twice, thrice – infinitely often? Maybe so. Maybe someone equipped with a healthy sense of self-worth/self-esteem can take that message an infinite number of times without suffering any hard consequences from it.

What about losing your job and in the aftermath all your life’s saving for it, ultimately arriving at poverty and almost becoming homeless? Losing your wife, friends, your entire sociosphere? How many times do you think a person can get up from that experience? Or from trying to get back on track and have others – as they enjoy doing – throwing sticks and stones at you and your endeavours? Then ridiculing for you stumbling.

Seriously? This is the world we all live in? This is what’s to be expected as one therapist in no uncertain words let me know? Or family, who drove their message home with physical, emotional and verbal abuse that Hitler’s propaganda minister would have been proud of?

Isn’t this a situation like e.g. racism or Anti-Semitism, where you judge and punish a person for a quality not of their own choosing or anything they have control over? Isn’t telling an individual battling emotional disorders that they should just “suck it up” and “deal with it” or to “move on” the equivalent of telling a black person to wake up white the next day? Or a Jew to do something about their “ethnic look”?

Holy fucking shit, at times rage over all these motherfucking ignorant and self-absorbed people makes me want to hurl nukes at their stupid faces, watch them melt and then go: “Didn’t see that comin’, wise guy, huh?!”

Most of us could be almost alright, if they’d just let us get our bearings, dust ourselves off, then mount that pony again and follow the flock riding into the sunset…


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