Safe Travels, Mr. Williams!

I feel compelled to share this article written by Elizabeth Hawksworth. She nails it IMHO.

The Death of Robin Williams, And What Suicide Isn’t | BlogHer.

On a different note and from recently having read The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, which – I think – converted me from a lifelong skeptic into a fairly firm believer, I take solace in the idea that he will now be relieved from the agony he – Mr. Williams – endured while on this earthly plane. I marvel at him for the enormous strength he displayed in doing all the things he became famous for and won prizes for. At the end of the day, there is one common denominator that strings us all together: We all need a suffcient amount of unconditional love. If the latter is or was missing or didn’t come in “sufficient” amounts or at a healthy level, there is only one cure IMO: More unconditional love coming from … everyone else we cross paths with. (Maybe not everyone, that’d be unrealistic. But from as many as possible)

R.I.P. Robin Williams. I feel you.


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