“You are, what you eat”: Mood, Food and Bipolar Disorder: A New Prescription – Waking Times

“You are what you eat”, is a saying I often heard in my country. Little did I know or presume then,  how literally true that is and applies verbatim.

In my history of false diagnoses, ill-equipped bordering on incompetent doctors and therapists, the term bi-polar disorder – and once even borderline personality disorder – came up (For the record, I repeat: Those were false diagnoses that didn’t respect nor identify the underlying c-ptsd condition; I realize that bipolar personality disorder or even borderline personality disorder may manifest as either so-called co-morbidities or temporary sidelining episodes coming with c-ptsd; I reject those diagnoses as erroneous ones, though, as they fail to see the bigger picture of c-ptsd and are hence incomplete and thus inaccurrate diagnoses). Thank God for my high level of impulse control, which I got to exercise from early on and has always proven to be a rock solid “device” I could rely on! (Plus, I’m not a belligerent person by nature and hate any kind of drama, both of which may have helped to hone that impulse control).

However, as of late, my cravings for high-carb foods and overeating on them has given me some grief and I had to admit to myself that food and almost regular overeating at night has become an addicition, which at this point I feel unable to kick. But reading below linked articel provides me with a new angle – one, which might prove to be a more promising one in eventually kicking the overeating habit, often sidelined with amounts of alcohol that clearly go beyond a “nightcap”. Needless to say that I’m not happy with either, particularly as they reenforce feeling powerless. But willpower has waned or is being used on getting back into the “game of life” and all the challenges coming from that endevaour. So, easing my way out of the addictive cycle by introducing and reminding myself of healthier – and tasty! – food choices again sounds like a plan for even more progress on the path of recovery:

via Mood, Food and Bipolar Disorder: A New Prescription – Waking Times.

And – since my “throwing myself back into the fold” seems to yield quite nice results as of late, I had better seen to applying above diet proposals quickly. For I might need my strength, stable and healthy range of emotions and overall mental and physical performance in heaps pretty soon… 🙂


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