What Do you See?

opt airport munich 2014…when looking at this picture – would you have noticed that this man has been living with a debilitating disability for decades? Does it tell? No, it doesn’t. Because I make sure of it. But what happens then is this: People don’t see the limitations I manage, so they keep asking for more and more and more, all the time and everybody. That’s when the real problems start. And they are insurmountable at large as I am in the weaker position when trying to negotiate necessary boundaries. But then again: As long as you somehow manage, as long as you self-exploit and overexcel, as long as you keep busting your behind just to meet their expectations, people at large keep being indifferent. No wonder, I keep burning out time and time again. It’s a Sisyphusonian act that can’t be won, unfortunately. Nonetheless: This here was a fun moment, a fun experience with great people and a brief glimpse into the possibilities of what might happen, if I were o.k., a short peek behind the door into what life might be like, if I didn’t have to deal with all these invisible challenges.

(Image was taken during a show performed at Munich Airport in the context of an event brought to you by Stefan Aaron and Airport Munich as the 4th stop of his Orange Piano Tour. I was cast to play guitar for this song and the 30 min. show that followed. I dedicate this picture to all the named and unnamed friends having lent an ear, a hand, a kind word of encouragement at times when things had truly become a living nightmare. Thanks, guys!)


One thought on “What Do you See?

  1. This post spoke to me so clearly. I understand. Support. You’re doing a great job of living life with the limitations you face. I wish I had something more helpful to say, but I hear you loud and clear. I’ve felt this way most of my life too.

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