Evangelisches (Lutheran) Frankfurt: Not only Bombs, but Nazi Rearing Methods Traumatized Children of the WWII Generation

Here’s an extremely conclusive and interesting article by Katrin Einert, identifying the evil rearing methods as proposed and published by Johanna Haarer as potential sources for trauma in the entire WWII generation. Haarer, then famous educator and clearly a strong supporter of Nazi ideas and their ensuing regime, made child humiliation, harsh punishments and even the denial of affectionate intimacy with the child a key point of her “teachings”.

Unfortunately, there is no English version of this article – and I’m too wrapped up in other activities at this point to find the time to translate it. However, let’s just say that author Einert seems to have found yet another potential source of PTSD in adults, which might have originated from those brutal ideas as proposed by Haarer, which appear to have been largely accepted and applied throughout the entire NS-era, but even after that way into the late 60ies.

I can’t help but continue to shake my head over this failed species that we humans seem to be… (or so it appears to day… it’s hard to find positive, encouraging, uplifting encounters and experiences – they do happen though!)

Nicht nur Bomben, auchNazi-Erziehung traumatisierte Kinder – Evangelisches Frankfurt.


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