What If…?

…. you eventually rolled back all the damage done to your young, unprotected anima. You’ve finally scraped off all the layers of abuse you endured in all those decades from growing up at “home”, making it through High School, maybe getting a degree and starting “your” life, getting heads on into a career of your choosing, creating a little bit of foundation for yourself. Then one day, you feel confident enough to a.) tell your counsellor you don’t need to see her again, b.) come off all the meds they prescribed you and realize, you still feel pretty good, c.) started dating again and feeling good in your skin about that, too, d.) strike off some of those line items from your bucket list early, e.) find a really trustworthy, compassionate, understanding and accommodating-your-issues potential significant other.

Then one day, in the midst of your self-created, hard-earned and thoroughly deserved late-in-life-discovered bliss you wake up one day and realize: Life, people, the whole nine – still suck ass beyond comprehension – and nobody really gives a shit about all that you’ve endured.

Now what…?

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