Dr. Michele Ross: Neuroscientist Turned Marijuana & Psychedelics Advocate – YouTube

Dr. Michele Ross: Neuroscientist Turned Marijuana & Psychedelics Advocate – YouTube.

There’s hardly any other human interaction I enjoy more than smart people getting together discussing complex topics. In this case: The use of medical marijuana and its potential applications as well as a major traumatic experience with the LAPD and how Dr. Ross and her husband overcame that and fought their case in court. The more I look into psychedelics, the more encouraging people I seem to find and the more hope of complete healing from lifelong PTSD myself gets instilled in me.

The beginning of the interview drags a bit for me, as the information was no longer all new – but in all fairness, I will say that Dr. Ross is never boring as her speaking is quick, quick-witted, eloquent and fairly easy to follow. To me, it got more interesting around the 40 minutes mark, when she shares her traumatic experience of the raid LAPD did on her and her husband literally out of the blue and while the two were fixing lunch at their home. The story in itsself is a blatant travesty and I found myself agreeing with Dr. Ross, who later in the interview says that governments and people in power basically want you unhappy and feeling disempowered. I’ve figured this much from my own humiliating experiences with the system over the past seven years, when one door after another got slammed shut for me and eventually finding myself in a situation, where I realize that the system wants me incapacitated and isolated. So I can relate to what Dr. Ross went through from a different perspective.

But other than that, there is wealth of exciting information about the medicinal value of marijuana and psychedelics at large in this 65 mins. interview. I recommend it for everyone suffering from anxiety, panic disorder, major depression, PTSD and the entire host of so-called “mental” diseases (a term, which I don’t endorse as it rings totally inaccurate to my ears and observing patients seems to confirm my empirical observations on the first). Anyway – if you’re suffering from emotional disorders and imbalance, this interview has the potential to leave you with many enlightened moments and a new perspective. It is very likely to restore faith, if you’re feeling hopeless – and thus ultimately save your life.


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