A Terrifying Number

I just did some pretty scary math: According to Amber Lyon’s podcast, on average 22 returned U.S. veterans suffering from PTSD commit suicide – every day! If you take that number and multiply it by 365, we get 8.030 suicides per year – on account of PTSD. If I in my case take this number then and multiply it by the near 50 years I’ve been battling and surviving this debilitating condition that originated from personal hell and as a result took me through every personal hell later in life again, I survived …. 401.500 people…. suffering from the same that I and others – amongst them apparently Rachel Hope in above linked podcast – have been suffering from almost since birth.

Dear visitor and potential co-survivor, by doing this very scary math, it isn’t my intention to be cold about this terrifying “body count” and the tragic events that preceded them. On the contrary, I want to let you know that given the sheer number of those who see no other way but to fold from this, this will tell each of you, of us, something about (y)our inherent strength – or survival instinct, whichever applies. Let’s try to focus on that for a while longer, shall we?

My heart goes out to all those fellow travellers and their families, who … didn’t make it… No one should ever be exposed to traumatizing events in their lives. But if those can’t be avoided, quicker and better help must become a given. And the good news is – and I think, this is what might save me, too, after all: According to the podcast and Rachel’s account of her experience with MDMA, PTSD – even complex and “chronic” one – can be cured! Like: Totally! I had begun to lose faith in that and prepared myself for needing to settle for managing the condition. No more so. Hopefully, many, many more hear of this, so they will hold on until they can get access to proper help and be cured, as well.


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