Journal excerpt: Coming to terms with my condition…

I can’t seem to be reminded myself often enough of everything Kimberly speaks of.

Stoning Demons

I wrote this as I was learning more about Complex PTSD and coming to accept my illness.  This short journal entry helped me focus on my recovery with a sense of balance.  I didn’t expect it to be easy, but I did expect to get somewhere… Looking back, I see that I have accomplished most of the objectives I had.  I’m still growing and still getting my life back on track, but I have made some progress.

Journal excerpt: Coming to terms with my condition…

I have an illness. I am dealing with it and it will take time.

My illness has caused some changes in my life.

Recovery is not only possible… it will significantly improve my way of living.

I deserve the time, space and resources to recover.

I am responsible for seeing that I receive the right treatment and care.

Recovery will be emotional. I am responsible…

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