Mental Health Awareness Month

#mentalhealth_awareness_month: The first thing I’d change about this is the naming: It’s not about the mind or mental healh – it’s about emotional injuries and their consequences for a person. Call it “emotional diseases” or “emotional injuries” or whatever else. I don’t think, my mind was ever impaired in significant ways. When emotional distress is taken to the extreme, this might bring about conditions, where a person is no longer able to function in a consistent manner, agreed. Still: That’s emotional distress and a lot of neo-cortex’ activity taken hostage or circumvented from it. All of that is normal healthy behaviour and a result of how human beings are “wired”.


4 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. Hi friend! I’ve been preoccupied with MedPub research and patents for proposed ideas (“Intellectual Property”)….many of them for PTSD. Don’t know if you have seen this document (resembles a slide show, sorta) that Dr. Holsboer (the famous brainiac, LOL) presented in NYC a couple years ago. It’s quite informative. Good graphics too..

    A roadmap to PTSD treatment research

    A few days ago I noticed that Holsboer has filed for two patents (again, Intellectual property) that could lead to the development and approval of a new medication and and an innovative diagnostic protocol for people whose brains chronically flood with CRH, The first patent is for CRH-r1 antagonists that are supposed to vastly improve Sympathetic N.S. tone, decrease the destructive cascade effects of CRH on HPA axis, basically helping to reregulate the deranged (haha) chronic stress response that causes so many of us big trouble, etc. The second patent describes the diagnostic method (using biomarkers, I suspect).to specifically target ONLY those patients with that particular excess. It’s funny, because I came up with the idea for the CRH-r1 antagonist after doing a lot of research, and looking at the way similar patent applications are compiled, and so I was doing a patent search to see if anyone had filed one on CRH-r1 antagonists SPECIFICALLY for therapeutic PTSD applications! And there was Holsboer’s patent (and MY idea goddamn it…LOL). I hope his patents are approved (they are for U.S., by the way…maybe they’re already approved in Europe…that would be awesome.)

    Hope you are okay. I’m thinking of you and sending my love. ❤

    • AWESOME material, Ruby!!! Thanks so much! I sooo hope to be FINALLY making progress with treatment options – and things like suggested here are at the top of my list. In other words: RECOVERY, not mere management of – irreversible – malfunction of the brain at MY (our) expense again! Thank you so much! (and how smart of you to have thought about something like this and gone directly to the patents database, wow!)

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