Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary – YouTube

Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary – YouTube.

The interesting question – to me anyway – is: How is it that all of a sudden there’s so much information on weed making the rounds on the internet? The answer is: Follow the money. The don’t have pharmaceuticals in bulk that are efficient enough with treating PTSD. But they have shiploads of vets returning from aaaaaallll the many battlefields the US government and their forces engage in. Those soldiers come back broken and incapacitated. Their lives fall apart and they’re “wasted” and no good for another tour. The least you can do is sedate them enough to keep them from shooting each other – and a few innocent civilians along with it. Weed is cheap and – oh – haven’t the U.S. just successfully invaded Afghanistan and “inherited” their poppy fields and other “vegetation”? Yeah, must be it.

Here’s to THINKING!


2 thoughts on “Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary – YouTube

  1. You’re so right. It seems most people want to believe that anyone can recover from damn near anything…somehow…no matter if the trauma they’ve endured is unspeakable, unthinkable…literally.. I hear this kind of attitude from deeply embedded cultural narratives: there MUST be some medicine, some therapy, some magic drug that will put those shattered souls back together—or at least help them manage their “symptoms.” Ugh. It’s insane to reduce this kind of human destruction to “symptoms” that can be “managed more effectively.”

    It’s horrifying to face the truth about the evil of my government (which, sadly, mirrors many of the dominant beliefs and much of the heartlessness of its citizens), but nothing can change in any significant way until the ugly truth is confronted head on, and shouted from the roof tops.


    Anyway…I wish weed could actually reduce suffering and help trauma victims heal their (our) wounds, but it’s a dead end for any kind of long term solution. The brain—at least in my case— is already depleted and unable to return to homeostasis. So, adding on a substance (weed, alcohol, amphetamine, whatever) which leads inevitably for most traumatized brains to TOLERANCE and thus to even more depletion of critical neurotransmitters. etc—and then eventually results in more neuro trauma when withdrawal becomes necessary—and unfortunately it’s a cruel spiral downward with yet another burden to carry. Sure, weed is less toxic than booze, which can swallow up the last of one’s life force in a remarkably short time, but weed doesn’t heal or help a wounded brain and a wounded human being to move forward.. That being said, I made it a point to acquire and set aside some herb, in case of an emergency, after my last terrifying walk along the cliff’s edge (haven’t touched herb in almost 15 years).

    Maybe there really are some hybrid strains nowadays that are much more medicinal, and if that’s the case, I’m likely to go that direction—especially if there’s nothing better and I’m running out the clock anyway. Four nearby states have dispensaries..Every other week (day?).I think about taking a road trip. But it’s a shitty choice. For me, I mean, with my brain already fragile. And the cost would be insane, no doubt, for a regular supply.

    I guess it’s obvious, I’ve given the idea a lot of thought…and so far my rational part gently tries to keep steering me toward reality… 🙂 . .

    • I hear you loud and clear on all counts, Ruby. It’s just mere despair that yells for RELIEF that makes me even consider this. Other than that, I concur with just about everything you said.

      I think, I’m trying to bring myself to the realization that my best bet is to make the most with what I got left from events that pretty much nixed a life among the rest of them from the get-go. So, one outcome might be: I’m not going to abide by the mainstream any longer and I’ll make it my mission to build my new identity around the limitations of the condition, at whatever expense necessary. There’s not much left to lose but mere life, right? And since that happens anyway and is a given, might as well try to squeeze out as much joy from this insane existence as possible.

      I started by giving my landlady a serious rub down when she kind of snickered at something I mentioned to her earlier (she’s aware of what I’m dealing with). In other words: DO – NOT – MESS – WITH – SOMEONE – WHO’S – DOWN – FOR – THE – COUNT! I think, I drove the message home. But I’ll move from here anyway. Who needs derision added on top of a – CURSE?!

      I’m hoping for Cannabis to mellow and ultimately turn me gaga. I don’t care. All I want is relief.

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