Self-treating ptsd with binaureal beats?

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Relief Binaural Beats + …

via treating ptsd with binaureal beats – Google-Suche.

I had come across these suggestions a while back, but for reasons beyond me hadn’t looked deeper into these sources (probably from focussing too hard on standard therapeutic approaches regarding the treatment of PTSD and CPTSD, like e.g. EMDR or medication-based approaches).

However, from looking into research others have done and from piecing my own findings and conclusions together, one might have to assert that the stress response system in individuals, who were exposed to trauma, is more or less “permanently” off. I put “permanently” in quotes, because according to neurobiological research findings the brain has the built-in capacity to change – even physically – based upon what functions and areas are being used the most. The phenomen is called neuroplasticity and even recently, a scientist and therapist confirmed to me in person that neuroplasticity of the brain is a given – you “can’t avoid it”, as she said. This is where I’ve placed my hopes of getting to relieve – ideally reverse – some of the debilitating, extremely taxing and exhausting symptoms of PTSD, with hypervigilance, disrupted sleep patterns, chronic fatigue, more or less permanent anxiety interspersed with frequent panic attacks being the most pressing, depression, self-medicating to the point of self-abuse by using alcohol in my case following suit. (I’d have replaced alcohol with medical marijana a long time ago, but a) I can’t pay for it, b) can’t get into subsidized programs and c) can’t be sure, whether or not I develop an allergic reaction to it – I have before and my body responding to it in such a way seems directly linked to the current condition of the day, i.e. whether or not I’m already stressed out, suffering from anxiety or not).

Putting above search term into Google’s search field generated a number of URLs that seem to corroborate my hopes in getting to relieve some of the most pressing, taxing symptoms. What I’m not sure about is how to apply these binaureal beats. I guess, I’m well off to start looking into sources explaining how to self-treat and what the results were. If any of you already have experiences with self-treatment in that regard, please feel free to share! For now, what I’m specifically looking for are answers to these questions:

– What does a formalized, repeated program look like? E.g. how many times per day do I listen to those beats, what time and situation is most productive, e.g. right before going to sleep, right after waking up, how does it all work?

– If you have some experience with applying these frequency pulses, what effects have you noticed in yourself before, while and after undergoing the procedure?

– Do you recommend it?

Any ideas and suggestions highly welcome! Thanks in advance!



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