Ayahuasca for PTSD – Jessica L. Nielson & Julie D. Megler with subtitles | Amara

Ayahuasca for PTSD – Jessica L. Nielson & Julie D. Megler with subtitles | Amara.

This is major! A very good, comprehensive presentation of what is and isn’t trauma.

Found on Amber Lyons Facebook Page.


3 thoughts on “Ayahuasca for PTSD – Jessica L. Nielson & Julie D. Megler with subtitles | Amara

  1. What an excellent presentation—very basic and simplified yet packed with some of the most important concepts, such as “implicit” and “explicit” memory. I’ve been carrying this baggage for so long that I fear it has become part of my personality, in terms of skepticism, pessimism and reluctance to place trust or even mild hope in a process that seems so unpredictable, scary and potentially chaotic (two characteristics of my extended life-traumas.) I’ve witnessed other kinds of enthusiasm and exciting anecdotal evidence convincingly presented for different “treatment” approaches (such as numerous variations of weight-loss methods, or personal transformation) which proved in the long run to be disappointing (mostly hyperbole leading up to little or no lasting or substantive change.) I guess I’d want to approach the ritual experiences with as few expectations as possible, regarding the outcome, and try to keep my focus on the process itself. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Yeah, I concur on your first part. As far as Ayahuasca: I’m sure, I’d be scared shitless (even prior to all that “purging” LOL), but if it continues to be my last option – I don’t care, if I die from it (recently, reports have surfaced that at least one kid died from the intake of Ayahuasca. They didn’t elaborate as to why that was – there is medical advice prior to drinking the brew – you can’t be on any pharmaceutical drugs and need to have quit them one to four weeks prior to drinking it).

    My biggest concern would be, if I’d get to work with a real healer or someone being out for the quick buck (again: A more recent development from all that “Ayahuasca tourism” from kids who just can’t help, but look for the next big kick – fuck them! Get drunk beyond recognition and leave the real stuff to people who need and understand it!)

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