Landlady checked in on me today (through the front door and I had nothing on but my undies…). Expressed a concern I was already spread out on the floor exuding unpleasant smells. No, not her words, of course. Wow. I’ve never been more embarrassed. I mean – ever. (and there were plenty of other situations, I had more reason to be embarrassed to Kingdom Come…)

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2 thoughts on “Check!

  1. Reminds me of my recent stay at a boarding house when I was removing my jeans and tripped over the bed skirt, which launched me forward into the dresser on which I smashed my face, blackening my left eye like a prize fighter, whereupon the land lady rushed in to find me half conscious, topless, with my pants around my ankles. And I was completely SOBER, unfortunately. 🙂 Yes, embarrassing moments tend to stick, don’t they—but thankfully they happen to everyone sooner or later. I assume. Time does ease the self consciousness, thank goodness!

    • Funny story, Ruby! I wasn’t so much embarrassed for her to find me half naked as I am ENTIRELY EMBARRAASSED for BEING! And being in this position, condition, state of mind and all. That is where my embarrassement comes from. I am embarrassed of mySELF! For merely BEING! This is the scope of my contempt for myself.

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