Amber Lyon – Investigative Reporter turned Natural Health Researcher and Advocate

The following URL points to Amber Lyon’s public Facebook page. I’d like to bring this to my followers’ general attention as I find Amber’s new work focus relevant to our struggles and underlying conditions, be they C-/PTSD anxiety, depression or so called “mental” disorders of any kind. Interestingly, Amber Lyon is an award-winning, renowned investigative reporter turned natural health and alternative healing researcher and advocate. While she continues to do investigative reporting on select matters, her new career path seems to focus more on researching and reporting on natural/alternative healing knowledge as known and passed down among indigenous people of e.g. the Amazon. In particular, Amber’s more recent work revolves around the possibilities of natural medicines like Ayahuasca, a powerful brew from a variety of plants with hallucinogenous/psychedelic properties. Even the wording is problematic here, as it is a typical Western, materialistic one. The shamans of those indigenous peoples themselves rather refer to those “miracle drugs” as plant spirits, who teach shaman and patient about their ailments and communicate a healing trajectory back to the shaman, who then performs whatever healing advice is revealed to him on the patient.

If this sounds odd or spooky to you – I can’t blame you. Maybe it all makes better sense after having watched Christian Moran’s documentary Ayahuasca Diary he shot while participating in an Ayahuasca retreat. The short term results of the participants are nothing short of spectacular, including one person who arrived with prostate cancer and after returning home and getting diagnostics from his oncologist was pronounced cancer free. While I’m truly impressed by those results, the skeptic in me would like to see some long term reports as well, of course (including details on how patients possibly changed their lifestyles, diet etc.). But regardless of that, the movie is definitely worthwhile watching. Some warning as to graphic content. A lot of “purging” occurs and is being caught on tape. If you’re sensitive in that area, be warned that some scenes may not be suitable for you. Oh, and last, not least, find a podcast of Amber Lyon’s account of her own Ayahuasca experience.


5 thoughts on “Amber Lyon – Investigative Reporter turned Natural Health Researcher and Advocate

  1. This post reminds me of a friend who self-reports that she dropped acid (aka tripped, back then) so many times as a teenager—over a span of years–that she lost count and won’t even venture a guess as to how frequently she tripped or the approximate number of trips. I mention this because she has always been the most carefree and apparently least burdened person I’ve ever known. (I mean least burdened by anxiety, worries, guilt, self-judgement, etc.) I’ve known her for over 30 years. There is a reason I’m bringing this up here, and it is the same reason that (to me) her light-hearted, living-is-easy, go-with-the-flow attitudes seem especially significant. According to her 2 sisters, she experienced a very troubling and stress-filled childhood, with long-term chaos and severe trauma, neglect, abandonment, significant losses (loved ones), and so forth. Her early life seemed to follow the classic recipe for major struggles and extreme stress responses as an adult. She rarely talks about those early experiences but when she does, it’s in a way that suggests she gives it all no more significance than some scary movie she once watched. She even has happy stories she shares about those years, mostly about her beloved Grandma (who died about the time she started tripping.) It’s seems to me (and of course I’m speculating here) that all those acid trips gave her some rare insight or special gift to be able to let go of all those painful experiences and those years of trauma as if they were simply the VERY LEAST important aspects about about her life and about who she knows (or perceives) herself to be—a kind, generous, energetic, gentle and loving soul with unique gifts to share with others. In short, given what I’ve been told about her history, and knowing her for as long as I have, many times I’ve wondered about the potential healing powers of so-called psychedelics.

    • Thanks for sharing this, hopefulandfree. It sounds pretty similar to what Amber Lyon reported her own Ayahuasca experience in an interview and how it changed her – and profoundly so. I wish, I could have safe access to psychedelics in a more clinical-like setting or under the supervision of a medical doctor and psychiatrist. I don’t think I should risk taking it on my own as I can’t be sure, whether I’d develop a – potentially fatal – allergic reaction to either substance, be it Ayahuasca, “shrooms” or the synthetic LSD. But the reports of those who have used it, in particular with regard to trauma, are nothing short of exciting! (in terms of the healing potential)

    • I know this is a looooong shot, but I wonder if their are any non-profit foundations to help people with C-PTSD gain safe access to Ayahuasca. And, since there;s probably not one in existence, YET, I wonder how difficult it would be to help get one started? I mean, they have similar foundations for all kinds of other maladies and disorders so why not PTSD and C-PTSD? Hmmmm.

      • EXCELLENT thinking, hopefulandfree! Just dumbfounded as to how to go about it. And it seems I have spent an awful lot of energy and drive on battling the condition while now finding myself battling the system (medical and otherwise) per se only to stay afloat! So I’m not sure, I still have enough energy left to about something like this. Not to mention the stigma I see myself confronted with on an almost daily basis. But the idea is GREAT!

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