New study: Magic Mushrooms Repair Brain Damage From Extreme Trauma |Higher Perspective

From my own research into the subject as a lifelong sufferer from PTSD, whose symptoms have rendered me completely dysfunctional in 2007, I have arrived at the firm conclusion that the symptoms are neurological and as such physical in nature and more importantly, inaccessible to cognitive processes the likes of which are always promoted with any type of standard therapy when it comes to dealing with the condition. While I agree that standard therapy might help to manage the profusely aggravated challenges in regard to handling stress and day-to-day life at large, I haven’t really heard or seen a patient, who had been cured from the condition. Their personal view of themselves, their subjective feeling of being well may improve after therapy, but they’ll never be who they were prior to the causing trauma. In my particular case, trauma happened at the very beginning of my life, which leaves me with the bizarre realization that I have never truly been my authentic self – for the most part of my life, I was forced to simply oppress the gruelling and now ultimately debilitating outcomes of this horrid condition. But hope goes last, as they say. Some new hope comes from these findings. Getting access to such medication/treatment – well… probably not going to happen for me or in my lifetime, not in traditional forms anyway.

New study: Magic Mushrooms Repair Brain Damage From Extreme Trauma |Higher Perspective.


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