I am sensing that this going to be my last year, one way or another. Either, someone or something is going to kill me – I’d prefer both – or I’m eventually and ultimately putting a hand on myself to those ends.

I’m spent. Done. I’ve had enough and I keep having enough. Of all the mean-spirited people that dare to breathe the same air as the rest of us tormented souls. Tired of all the fabricated lies circulating the media and the internet. All the false promises, willful deception, lies, backstabbing. People are basically ugly and mean and I’ve just about had enough of them. I’ll never find peace on this godforsaken planet and I’m spent trying to.

I’m also sick and tired of analyzing and looking to rebuild something that was broken from the get-go. Broken so hard, it’s beyond fixing. I’ve simply had it. Over and out. I’ll leave this blog up as a testimony of failure.

Thanks for travelling with me for some time.



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