What’s in a Name?

I wrote this pretty much exactly 7 years ago. And then this after having to cancel the entire project. I had progressed from this place for a while, then the progress was nulled. I’m going to have go back to being in that place, when I wrote this. I will. I have another date to get my name changed this coming Thursday. They already told me, it’s not going to be easy. But I think I have good and stronger reasons other than being unhappy with bio family. This time it’s about my eBay snafu in 2010, when eBay notified me about the apparent fact that someone had stolen my identity to commit fraudulent sales on eBay. I went to the police, I even offered my help in tracking down the real perpetrator, but I could’t do a thing. I pressed charges in the aftermath for compensation and lost. And fraudulent sales like this have been reported as potentially funding terrorist activity… so my name – although DA charges were dropped – is in the loop. I think I have a strong argument in favor of having my name, my identity altered. It will be a welcome side effect to distance myself further from family as unfortunately, we can’t seem to come to (healthy) terms with each other. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Project Westbound

I went for another interview today, with a company specializing in document management software (DMS). I don’t mean to brag, but I think I pretty much slam dunked that thing. However, that still doesn’t mean I’ll get the job. Plus, it looks, as if it were full-time – which might not coincide too well with my other plans. But anyway… I still got time to ponder that.
So… when something like this happens (I do well – probably, more than well), I can’t help, but think: “SHE would have wanted THAT!”

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