End Game.

I’m going down. I have burnt all willpower to hold up. There is no end in sight any more. Thanks for reading here, I appreciate the attention and commenting. No, this is not a suicide note. I’m just losing control over keeping myself together, is all. I don’t know, how or where this is going to end. Probably somewhere without internet access. Too bad.

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3 thoughts on “End Game.

    • Thank you, Suzi! Yes, I hope so, too… Some very heavy things and required measures are in the pipeline for me – severing ALL ties with bio family. I’ve been there already, but had to betray myself for a while. And now it’s to the point, where I need to save myself, my life – on every level. They’re not helping, they’re making things terrible every chance they get. I’ve been enduring this for decades, still hoping that forgiveness on both sides and then healing might be possible. But no, it’s not I have to save myself. And is to happen in such a way that I can only shut them out of my life. Completely. (I’m not talking about taking “physical” action, just make sure they can’t tamper with me any more. It’ll possibly involve changing my identity, so I can’t be found…)

      • That is so sad. My heart goes out to you. But I do think that for everything we give up like that, that doesn’t really help us, we make room for something new. This might be your real chance for a whole new life and direction that you’ve wanted for a long time… I hope so. Your honesty has sincerely made a difference – I just think seeing that others are going through things and finding hope is helpful for everyone who feels like they are alone. None of us really are and I like to think that there is a shared existence of people rooting for each other — I am rooting for you! 😀 Thanks for the eye openers, even if you were just passing on what someone else wrote, it’s still a service to others.

        God bless you, and I’ll keep you in the Spirit prayers..


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