Apologies to the Battered Child (from a parent in process)

What an ingenious idea! Jeff Brown writes the letter of apology he would have loved to receive from his former abuser. How genius! Everything he says, every single notion and unprocessed, residual emotion, the entire idea of healing by reclaiming those very valid emotions instead of doing all kinds of things with them, which varying forms of therapy suggest, all of that resonates with me like an entire belltower! I am 100% with Jeff on going about this process instead of basically diminishing those old feelings again by manicuring them into something better palatable for the general public. No! Healing comes from being authentic and from letting the heart know that now someone trustworthy and well-equipped with love and understanding cares for it!

Read at your own discretion and be warned of a high potential to be triggered from this. (and this actually has me rethink the concept of triggers as very important, needed, valid signposts to follow…, instead of avoiding them!).

Thank you, Jeff! I love you for sharing this.

via APOLOGIES TO THE BATTERED CHILD (from a parent in process) | VividLife.me.

P.S. Yes, the idea of a generation’s trauma passed on to a generation of children has been on my mind for quite a while. I think that is exactly what’s behind this. The only piece of the puzzle I hadn’t yet accommodated was why this impacted US citizens and families to the degree it obviously did… Maybe someone can fill me in on that? It is/was obvious for me coming from a family of WWII expellees, but the aspect of trauma incurred by engaging in WWII and the effects on US families’ from returning, traumatized veterans of war has not been at the forefront of my mind – until now. Thanks again, Jeff, for filling in some blanks.


6 thoughts on “Apologies to the Battered Child (from a parent in process)

  1. Did a little exercise with this today, from the viewpoint of people I am having current issues with… a letter from their point of view. A good trigger to use for the purpose of processing.

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