Anxiety and World News

In all honesty, the number one rule for me should be to switch off from world events as comprehensively as possible. If only I could. Instead I sit here in fearful apprehension of the events unfolding before our seeing eyes:

US, France and Britain gear up for cruise missile strike on Syria –

I wish, I had a herbal helper at my disposal today. An altered state of consciousness would be a great benefit to alleviate the oncoming panic… Guess, I have to fall back on food for now and – dare I say it? – prayer. Indeed. This is a situation when “prayer” or collective meditation or whatever you wanted to call it seems appropriate. This could easily be the starting pistol for WW III according to all journalists more in the know than me … and I can’t even begin to allow my mind drift off on that scenario …. Kind of selfish on my part, when we know that hundreds of Syrian children have been slaughtered in one of the most horrible ways there are, let alone the 500.000 in all of the Middle Eastern wars in total

P.S. Didn’t find peace and couldn’t sleep. This day brought a lot of anxiety. In particular and on top of the above, hearing of the suicide of a German author, who rose to fame only about 3 years ago, shortly after having gotten diagnosed with a brain tumor. He chronicled his dying. As I have exposed myself to a series of his blog entries, I realize that I’m grateful for a scheduled appointment with my dentist in the a.m. It won’t be too pleasant a visit, but it’s something so mundane, so common to most other people’s experience, so easy to handle in comparison to all the insanity engulfing me inside and outside of myself… that it fills me with the deepest gratitude I should only have to be put to this minuscule a “test” tomorrow. So deep is my gratitude that I even think, I’ll one day look back in gratitude on this day that made me aware that I was IN THE MIDST OF LIFE when having to deal with nothing else but a visit to the dentist’s. I’ll be jealous of myself for this very moment one day, you know. So it is my responsibility not to let this precious moment go to waste. For consciousness is torture most of the time, unfortunately. Anything that’s manageable – I have to be grateful for. And I am.


6 thoughts on “Anxiety and World News

    • Of course, yours is a lot more sophisticated in highlighting a large number of noteworthy considerable aspects to this predicament. I can only hope that Russia and China remember that they aren’t as bankrupt as the U.S. currently are and won’t respond to what they can only understand as a threat and possible assault on their (economic) interests (and this, because they have created fallback scenarios for themselves)

  1. Kerry’s speech today emphasized the availability of hard core evidence to document the latest attack–quite a difference from the lies, doublespeak, and fabrications prior to the Iraq situation. However, that being said, I hope to hell we stay out of this mess, but I don’t have any say in the decision. The thought of all those innocent children being sacrificed to serve adult greed for power and wealth is overwhelmingly sad. This doesn’t make me anxious so much as it makes me absolutely furious!!

    Your suggestion re prayer is the way to go! The Universe needs all the positive energy it can gather! Namaste . . . Jean

    • I heard excerpts – unfortunately in German – of the speech. Yes, but I’m not impressed by that hard core evidence. After all, they must have known that the world wouldn’t fall for cheap crap like that any more. So it’s the least they fucking had to present to the world to even just have the audacity to step in front of the press.

      Sorry, if I sound rude. I have zero tolerance for all the fabrication, “intelligence” and whatnot. They built these enemies when it was convenient, then they declare war on them, now the former terrorists are allies against Assad all of a sudden – it would be hysterical, if it weren’t so damn horrible to see how innocent citizens, children are being used as “war currency” in this. I’m disgusted, ravingly mad and like I said, zero tolerance.

      I have done something I never did before: I started a petition rallying signatures to present our Bundestag, so we stay the hell out of there. And on the same page with you on a US “renegade” assault. Holy shit! I’m furious, too! It’s been ENOUGH for some time! And I want to see Bush, Bush Sr., fuck everyone going until 1913 rounded up before a Grand Jury and sentenced to KINGDOM FUCKING COME!

      • Be sure to add Cheney and his daughter to your list of villains! Cheney is, as far as I’m concerned, pure evil in human form. I’m with you in having 0 tolerance for the deceptions and fabrications. Bush screwed us all over, screwed the whole world over, in the Iraq debacle. Politicians used to justify war by claiming it was good for the economy. They don’t even try to justify it anymore. It’s evil, as evil as Cheney–who probably did all Bush’s thinking for him.

        Re the “facts” presented by Kerry today–I take a dim view of them, too. As you do. The problem is that we have a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths running our country–and our world. They don’t care that innocent kids and others who are innocent die and are injured. How did we give them so much power? Well, no country that I know of has a psych eval requirement for prospective leaders. We have the tools to determine whether a person is of sound mental health, has moral scruples, and has a sense of ethics, but we don’t apply them. We also don’t have a “greed-meter” to measure their lust for power and wealth. Power over the lives and deaths of all human beings is up for grabs, and anyone, no matter how evil the person is, can take the power if he or she has the financial means. What is wrong with this picture??

      • Sadly, it is an accurate description of where we are with our leaders. I think, by now it is appropriate to dump the term “leader”, because in my understanding it always meant to “lead by example”. I haven’t seen an example I felt compelled to follow in a long time. I think, we may now safely replace leader with “bought and paid oppressors”. WHO it is that buy and pay them… I have no clue. And even just to wonder, one puts oneself at risk to be denounced as a “conspiracist”. Conspiracy, my ass. They don’t even cover anything up any longer, as you aptly stated…

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