Elements of Recovery: Spirit

Wow! This very astute blog from Tertia resonates strongly with me! It also seems to sufficiently explain my own tendency to turn towards spirituality in order to counter and balance the sources of my own self-destructive behaviours. I think, it’s a most logical measure of the mind to turn elsewhere, if you can’t find relief, let alone resolution and reconciliation with those, who inflicted unbearable pain in the first place. Placing things in a different, new context, is probably the best, if not only, way to reestablish a sense of integrity and sanity. Or something like that… Thanks to Tertia for allowing me to reblog this!

Not This Song

Writing about the first four Elements makes several things clear to me: I can’t do without any of them, each one is precious in specific ways, and each one is dangerous when it gets out of proportion or is used wrongly. I have this image of myself as a chef adding tiny bits of ingredients to a sauce; tasting and titrating until the mix suits my sensitive palate.

The problem with this visual is that for most of my life, my idea of cooking has been finding the can opener and the plastic spoon for the Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli. How the hell can I navigate my recovery, manage my mental and physical health, raise my child, and attempt to have relationships while constantly performing this delicate task on a mix that is always changing?

I have to have help for that, and that’s where Spirit comes in. Something that knows more…

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