Dodging A Depression

Tonight, I met a friend I have been knowing for some time, whom I see every now and then. She was somehow disturbed by feeling “nothing” as she reported. I interpreted this as a mild bout of depression on her part. Feeling “removed”, “nothing” or “empty” – I have come to understand all these as precursors or actual onset of a depression. When it hits, it can last from a few hours to days to weeks or months. I never know. What I do know, though, is that it sucks to feel helpless. It sucks to feel like a victim. I’ve been there too many times to feel any need to revisit this place. So I thought of ways of keeping depression in check withouth the need to (self-) medicate.

One thing that’s pretty efficient is to keep myself active and at a mildly accelerated pace. Whenever I can be active, that’s the preferred thing to do, where I’d place physical activities slightly above all other (but not necessarily always so. Researching something of personal significance or contemplating on it can be a rewarding and efficiently distracting and eventually engaging, exciting thing). Mildly socializing is another one, even at times when I don’t think anyone wants anything to do with me. I used to lock myself up and think “no, you’re not in good spirits, noone wants to see you.” I’m no longer placing that restriction on myself, but go out in spite of it. So far, noone told me to get lost, even on less “high spirits” days.

The simplest thing, though, is this: When I wake up and still feel “exhausted”, I remind myself of this (and have been using it as my morning “mantra”): “Get up, you’re looking forward to doing some manifesting”. It takes a moment of effort of overcoming residual fatigue. But when I do it – and the key is to not falter, but get up in a resolved manner – then I usually get to keep that energy for many hours, often throughout the day. I’ve been practicing this for a while. It’s imperative to a) keep at it and b) afford yourself some treats and slackening here and there.

What are your ideas or experiences with this? Feel free to add and comment.


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